Best Bourbons to gift in Summer

Summer and Bourbon? We know your first thought will be ‘What, they’ve lost their mind!’
But hear us out! Bourbon can actually be a great spirit during this humid time because it makes for an awesome cocktail ingredient, as well as something to sip lazily on a scorching day.
So if you’re looking for a gift this summer, don’t go for the wines, try the classic Bourbon instead.
Confused? Here’s a list of Sipn’s top 5 recommendations that you can bring to your next summer party and stand out from the wine coolers.

Maker’s Mark
This inexpensive, widely available and easy on the palate Bourbon is the first one on our list. It’s quite light and sweet, with a touch of fruit and vanilla, with the right amount of tongue-caressing sweetness. The finish is exceptionally smooth, with subtle spice notes that dissipate quickly. This old classic Bourbon makes for a unique and full flavored gift.

Aged for at least 4 years, Traverse’s Bourbon does have a bit of spice. Traverse’s straight bourbon picks up plenty of the caramel and vanilla that comes with hanging out in oak for a while. This enjoyable Bourbon isn’t annoyingly sweet nor is it extra layered, making it the ideal gift for a Bourbon lover.

Russel’s Reserve Small Batch Single Barrel
This wicked bourbon, at 110 proof, has a good little dose of heat to keep you on your toes. Aged in super charred oak, gives this Bourbon the extra smokiness. In spite of that, the cinnamon, dark sugar helps balance the nose. This Bourbon is for the ones who like it bold and strong. Mix it with herbs and Vermont for a sweet, strong summer cocktail.

Black Dirt Bourbon
You cannot go wrong with this exceptionally breezy Bourbon for a summer gift. The mash bill is mostly corn-based, with a little malted barley and rye thrown in. It is easy to drink and enjoy, without it being very heavy on the palate. The flavorful palate and the thin consistency make it best to enjoy over crushed ice. A perfect gift for a Bourbon newbie.
Smooth Ambler Old Scout Straight Bourbon
This bourbon has a nice hefty rye content, which definitely adds a level of spiciness. The palate dominates the flavor of leather, smoke, and dark fruit but an unsweetened chocolate undertone rounds out the sweeter flavors. There is an earthy character to it as well, which is not found in any specific flavor but more in their combination and delivery. Overall it’s a pleasing combination of flavors with a satisfying mouthfeel. Don’t forget to take this to your next sundowner party.

It is official, Sipn is calling it a Bourbon Summer! Move over your traditional summer spirits and take Bourbon to your next Summer party.