Adirondack 601 Bourbon - SIPN

Adirondack 601 Bourbon

Adirondack Distilling Company
New York
750 ML (Standard)
It develops a depth on the palette with hints of vanilla & raisin.
This unusually smooth Bourbon is born from 100% local corn.A hint of natural sweetness on the nose.
With a spicy peppery finish.
601 bourbon is a no-age-statement Whiskey (the stated 'aged less than 4 years' doesn't provide real information) from Utica, New York, made from a high-corn mashbill.In fact, it is 100% corn, locally sourced, making it close to a corn Whiskey, aside from the new barrel aging (corn whisky can only age in USED barrels, if aged at all).It is one of the few bourbons to use a single-grain recipe.This product is released in batches so variations may occur.