Alaska Outlaw Whiskey - SIPN

Alaska Outlaw Whiskey

80 Proof
Alaska Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Light in body to the point of being watery.Still mostly sweet, with vanilla, caramel, and a little oak
Mostly sweet, with vanilla, maraschino cherry, and butterscotch predominating.A slight woody note is also noticeable.
Short and unremarkable, with a hint of baking spice.
A premium artisan Whiskey that is crafted in small batches and aged for three years in Oak Barrels.While burning the midnight oil one cold, dark night playing a hand of Alaska Outlaw Card poker, it was realized that the only thing needed to go along with a game of Texas Hold 'Em was a fine glass of Alaskan made Whiskey.So they saddled up and set out to find the best moonshiners and bootleggers in the state and came across their friends at Alaska Distillery.It was a marriage made in heaven and Alaska Outlaw Whiskey was born.This is Alaska's first Whiskey, and the only Whiskey aged in alder and birch, using all Alaskan grain and pure glacial water.For three long years they sat and played hand after hand, watching this Whiskey age in the barrel until the day arrived.After tapping the first barrel they poured their tumblers full of a sweet, smoky taste of a spirit that captures the wild, outlaw flavor of Alaska