Calumet Farm Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN

Calumet Farm Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

86 Proof
Calumet Distilling
750 ML (Standard)
The aromas are like if you are making a rich simple-syrup and trying to caramelize the sugars a little bit for deeper flavor.But in this case, you turned your back on the pot and the sugars burned.
The nose is dry and hay-like and seems to come from a heavily-charred barrel.
Back to the juice slightly mellow after the burned flavor.Slight alcohol burn on the finish.
Calumet Farm Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey is distilled and aged in Kentucky-the heart of bourbon & horse country.It is aged in deeply charred (#4) oak barrels, then hand selected for premium quality.It is carefully crafted into a bourbon worthy of carrying the name of one of the most prestigious horse racing farms in all of history.