Jefferson's ocean Cask Strength - SIPN

Jefferson's ocean Cask Strength

90 Proof
750 ML (Standard)
Notes of salted caramel popcorn & tropical fruit.
Notes of salted caramel popcorn and tropical fruit
Warm, Viscous and a hint of brininess
In 2008, while aboard the ship of fellow Kentucky native and OCEARCH founder Chris Fischer, Jefferson's Master Blender Trey Zoeller got a wild idea.As he and Chris watched the Whiskey swirl in their glasses, compelled by the constant rock of the waves, they pondered: what might happen to a barrel of bourbon if it were aged at sea? The rest, as they say, is history.The constant movement of the ocean and extreme temperature fluctuations as the OCEARCH traversed the globe completely transformed the Whiskey.The resultis a hyper-aged, darker, richer and caramelized bourbon with incredible depth and complexity.Since this discovery, Trey has sent hundreds of barrels around the world, with each voyage seeing (on average) over 25 ports, 5 continents, and 2 equator crossings.