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100 Proof
Kentucky Owl
750 ML (Standard)
Lovely, mild on the tongue with a slight burn at the end.
Aroma is very pleasant.
Rich and smooth.
Irish Whiskey bonding is a way of blending from the 19th and 20th centuries, when most Irish distilleries produced Whiskeys for bonders to age, blend and bottle. When the Irish Whiskey industry collapsed in the 1930s, bonding faded away.McGuane helped resurrect the tradition again in 2015. Rhea and McGuane blind-tasted individual cask samples than did it again through multiple blending variations. The result features Kentucky straight bourbons aged 4 to 11 years, with rich caramel notes and vanilla from rare older bourbons; spice and fruit from higher rye bourbons; and sweetness and citrus from wheated bourbons. "We tasted through the lens of bringing fruit-forward profiles that are desirable to us as Irish Whiskey makers, but we also wanted something still representative of the Kentucky Owl style," McGuane said in a prepared statement."Does this blend taste like the Kentucky Owl products Whiskey drinkers love, with an echo of big and bold juicy fruit flavors so familiar in Irish Whiskey?