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Pinhook Bohemian Bourbon

95 Proof
Castle & Key Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
The taste has notes of cinnamon candies and peppermint along with touches of honey, toasted vanilla, peaches, and a soft oakiness.
The nose has notes of pencil shavings, grilled peaches, toasted vanilla, charred oak, nutmeg, allspice, and a slightly herbal touch.
The finish is long and subtle with gentle spices complemented by a touch of dried fruits.
Pinhook Bohemian Bourbon - Each year, Pinhook releases a special vintage of small-batch bourbon and ryes. These releases are designed to present whiskey fans with their very best spirits instead of replicating specific flavor profiles. Each vintage is dedicated to a promising young American thoroughbred. The 2020 release is dedicated to Bohemian Bourbon, a chestnut filly. This bourbon was distilled, blended, and bottled at Castle & Key Distillery in Frankfort, Ky. The mash bill consists of 75% Corn, 15% Rye, and 10% Malted Barley.