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The Old Pogue Distillery Master's Select Bourbon Whisky

91 Proof
The Old Pogue Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Dry, earthy leather, popcorn, toasty oak and sandalwood with red pepper corn spice, sweet corn, peanut butter, and vanilla.
Musty tack room-leather saddles and hay with a whiff of cellar.Buttered popcorn, maple syrup and beeswax
Leathery, earthy, spiced finish.Indeed leather, earth and spice best sums up this bourbon.
This is a reincarnation of a Whiskey produced back in 1876 by th original H..Pogue Distillery (Kentucky Registered Distillery #3).The distillery was shut down during Prohibition, re-opened, then closed its doors again during World War II.The third time should be the charm! In 2005, descendants of th original family revived the brand and released this Old Pogue Bourbon, their flagship Whiskey.While waiting for their stock to mature, they source Kentucky straight bourbon that was aged for 9 years and bottle it at 45.% ABV.Your best bet of getting a bottle is at the distillery.