Barrell Bourbon Batch 018 - SIPN BOURBON

Barrell Bourbon Batch 018

111.56 Proof
Barrell Bourbon
750 ML (Standard)
An aroma of a light, grade a maple syrup is the most dominant note on this nose.But the dominant note is nowhere near the strength that it would be on the nose of a comparable bourbon.There also is a milled corn scent that tells us that despite the age in the barrel, that grains can come through.The vanilla is light and airy, but also easy to find unlike in some bourbons where the heavier notes push it way into the background.Some of the rye spices become apparent for this high-rye mashbill, with notes of clove and soft cinnamon.
The finish has a strange mint and basil herbal note that sticks around for a while.
This is actually not Barrell's first foray into the world of unfinished American Whiskey.In 2015, Barrell released their Whiskey Batch 001 which was a   Read More bourbon mashbill that was aged between 7-8 years in used barrels at MGP in Indiana.Since then, they've only used MGP American Whiskey for finishing in various other casks.So it's interesting to see that they're going back to releasing another unfinished Whiskey.This should signal that their tasters thought this was worthy of standing on its own.So how does it taste then? I sampled this neat and from a Glencairn.   Read Less