Barrell Craft Armida - SIPN

Barrell Craft Armida

112.10 Proof
Barrell Craft
750 ML (Standard)
Lush sweetness is kept in check by some sandy tannin and high strength.Here, the rum takes center stage, with blackstrap molasses, sambuca, and olive brine arriving first.The rich dark character builds with date and chipotle leading into pipe tobacco and walnut.The amaro is never far behind, exhibiting licorice root, gentian, green cardamom and kola nut.
Notes of carrot cake, dulce de leche, and chestnut honey.The pear brandy is influence inflects the core aroma, with poached pear leading blackberry and dried lime peel.Shimmering at the edges are countless herbs and dusty spices.Notes familiar to Sicilian amari, such as fennel seed, aniseed, nutmeg, and cacao are there.As sicily was once part of the duchy of savoy licorice, wormwood and chamomile are encountered here, in Savoy'stradition of genepy and absinthe.?
Green almond enriches an otherwise dry finish of black tea and slate.
Armida is a blend of three Straight Bourbon Whiskeys finished separately in Pear Brandy, Jamaican Rum, and Sicilian Amaro Casks. The ripe, floral pear notes provide a soft entrance into a Whiskey that is adorned with hints of spice and arid citrus derived from the Amaro casks. This melange of flavor is framed by the tropical sweetness found in rum finished Whiskeys. Armida is a journey for the palate: from a brisk norther orchard to an ancient island, it ends up exactly where it was intended, with an immensely complex and satisfying Whiskey.