Bear Creek Distillery Wheated Bourbon - SIPN

Bear Creek Distillery Wheated Bourbon

90 Proof
Bear Creek Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
In the mouth, there is a solid grain backbone, but there is also a bit of oak and vanilla.As it progresses, cinnamon, ginger an orange marmalade.
On the nose, this Whiskey is fairly soft, with a grain dominant bouquet.A bit of oak, and light vanilla are evident as well as just a bit of hot alcohol.
A quick finish that features white pepper, grain and oak.
The wheated bourbon, which uses 3-gallon barrels, replaces dark rye in the mashbill with whole wheat.The rye and wheat whiskies are distilled from 100 organic rye and wheat, respectively, and also mature in 30-gallon barrels before being proofed down.