Big Bottom American Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Big Bottom American Straight Bourbon Whiskey

91 Proof
Big Bottom Distilling
750 ML (Standard)
On the tongue it'syoung but relatively smooth.Fruity sweetness followed by rye spice.
Vanilla, caramel, fresh cut wood, a little floral.
Very hot on the finish.Even with a good measure of water it is still a hot one.
Aged in new white oak casks and proofed at 91?, our American Straight Bourbon Whiskey consists of 36% rye.The complexity of the Whiskey contains spicy   Read More undertones of cloves and allspice entwined with honeysuckle.The pleasing balances of spice create a long smooth finish.Not only can this American Straight Bourbon be enjoyed neat, it also is an incredible base spirit for any Whiskey cocktail.The American Straight Bourbon Whiskey was rated a score of 91 from Anthony Dias Blue of Tasting Panel Magazine and Founding Director of San Francisco world's pirits Competition.In addition, it won a Bronze Medal for Taste at the 2011 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards.   Read Less