Bourbon 30 Single Barrel 100 Proof - SIPN BOURBON

Bourbon 30 Single Barrel 100 Proof

100 Proof
Thief Distilling Company
750 ML (Standard)
The palate is very nice.The first thing that struck me was the mouthfeel, it is thick and oily, something I was not expecting based upon how light the Whiskey is.The second thing that just smacked me silly was the spice.Its like I got a mouthful of barrel aged pepper, but in the best way.It'd make my homemade level 5 spice Chicken Tikka Masala blush! Sweet corn, cream frostin orange peel and underbaked bread all all present once the spice has settled down a bit.This is a very tasty and unique 100 proof Whiskey.
Honey and light black pepper are the two most prominent notes on the nose.A light corn/candy corn note is also noticeable upon a very light nosing.Upon a heavy nosing, notes of corn bread come to the forefront.
The finish is long.That oily creamed corn taste lingers for a while, as does that incredibly powerful spice.
crafted a double-oaked bourbon Whiskey full of personality and extraordinary flavor.Each single barrel bottle of Bourbon 30 is interesting, unique, an   Read More d 100% barrel strength providing customers with a great experience for all of life's celebrations   Read Less