Bourbon Deluxe 4 Year Old - SIPN BOURBON

Bourbon Deluxe 4 Year Old

80 Proof
Bourbon DeLuxe
750 ML (Standard)
Simple and sweet.Vanilla and caramel.A vague paint note.Some spirity heat.Then it gets sweeter and spicier with time in the glass.Cinnamon raisin bread, honey butter, and something similar to immature single malt.
heavy paint, pecans, hazelnuts, peanut dust, and wood polish.Sometimes there's a curious nutty sherry note as well.Caramel and baked bananas in the mid-ground.With time, a sap note develops and the caramel gets louder.
Sour and sweet.Paint.Smoky oak.Raisins in caramel sauce.Picks up some wood spices after a while.Quite some length, eventually fading into barrel char.