Chattanooga Whiskey Cask 111 Straight Bourbon - SIPN

Chattanooga Whiskey Cask 111 Straight Bourbon

111 Proof
Riverfront Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
The mouthfeel is incredibly dry upon the first sip.Flavors of leather and oak are sharp mid-tongue.A gentle hint of citrus rind is noticed as I continue sipping, which offers a mild bitterness.The mouth closes with an agreeable steeped black tea flavor.
Rich caramel and fruitful honey present themselves wonderfully in the neck of the Glencairn.
As the black tea fades, caramelized brown sugar lingers on the palate.?The finish is moderate and surprisingly mild for a 111 proof bourbon.?There is a mild rye zesty ness that is present but fails to strengthen and subtly fades.
Chattanooga Whiskey Cask 111 Straight Bourbon - The 111 is the barrel-proof, unfiltered whiskey in Chattanooga's acclaimed Tennessee High Malt range. Aged more than 2 years in toasted and charred oak, the unfiltered spirit is rich, full, and complex. These 4 single barrels are made of at least 51% malted barley, but also contain a number of other malted grains, including malted wheat, malted spelt and malted oats-each of which fill out the unique flavor profile of each Whiskey.All 4 barrels have also been aged a minimum of 4 years.