Chattanooga Whiskey - SIPN

Chattanooga Whiskey

91 Proof
Riverfront Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Brown sugar and malted grains are immediately noticeable.The lower proof makes this bourbon easy to roll around your mouth, and in doing so, further reveals aged oak, leather, and a touch of vanilla.It'san overall simple, yet enjoyable palate.
The nose opens with a large dose of malted grains that builds a base atop of a mingling of oak, Bing cherries, sweet bread, brown sugar.The scents presented are nicely balanced and are a pleasant way to start the sip.
Leather, oak, a hint of malt, and white pepper start off the finish and transition to dry oak.The finish is short, and while a fine way to end the sip, it doesn't convey the same level of depth as the nose and palate.
After aging more than 2 years, Chattanooga Whiskey 91 utilizes our version of the Solera finishing process-bringing together nearly 100 barrels into a 4000-gallon, charred, white oak Solera finishing barrel, which never goes empty.Expect notes of dried apricot, sweet tea and honeyed toast.