Corner Creek Bourbon Whiskey 10 Years - SIPN BOURBON

Corner Creek Bourbon Whiskey 10 Years

88 Proof
Corner Creek Distillery Co.
750 ML (Standard)
Light with granular baking spices, a nice pepperiness, a bit of oak, the apricots and cherry baked together in a pie with caramel drizzled all over it.
Bright sparkly cinnamons, dusty oak, pre-baked bread dough, subtle apricot and syrupy cherry on a background of caramel
The baking spices, a creamier but still subtle caramel, a whiff of the fresh baked fruit, a soft pepperiness lingering longest.
Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is made from a selection of the distillery's finest barrels, smoothed to perfection with pure ingredients and in   Read More the tradition of the finest Kentucky spirits.We use only the finest wheat, rye and corn and age Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey in new American oak.We produce our Whiskey in very small quantities to insure the purest quality.The label, a original drawing of Corner Creek by noted artist William Nagle, brings back the good, relaxed feeling of sitting by the old creek, listening to the rushing water while sipping on fine bourbon Whiskey   Read Less