Four Gate Batch 4 Split Stave By Kelvin - SIPN BOURBON

Four Gate Batch 4 Split Stave By Kelvin

115.6 Proof
Four Gate Whiskey Company
750 ML (Standard)
Oak, cinnamon, vanilla, and creme brulee.Robust flavor.
There'sa spicy floral scent like a bouquet of fresh flowers.
Long, with cinnamon, heavy oak, Red Hots candy, slight clove, and pepper notes.Slightly dry finish.
Four Gate Whiskey Company's Release #4, Split Stave(trademark) by Kelvin is a Kentucky straight bourbon Whiskey finished in innovative Split Stave(tra   Read More demark) casks, which were built by breaking down and reassembling three types of casks.Only 2,700 bottles of this inaugural Split Stave(trademark) by Kelvin release were produced at 115.proof.   Read Less