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Henry Mckenna Sour Mash Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

100 Proof
Heaven Hill distillery
750 ML (Standard)
The flavor of this bourbon is very light and crisp - almost like a blended whiskey. A bit of the maple sweetness comes through and there's a decent amount of oaky taste with vanilla and caramel tones, but nothing too much going on flavor-wise.
Sweet maple syrup hints, a bit of alcohol astringency, corn, caramel, and oak. A very pleasant, inviting nose actually, different from but just as enjoyable as some much more expensive bourbons.
Henry McKenna surprises before and after you drink it - the finish is just as nice as the initial aroma, even though the taste is nothing to write home about. It lingers with you for a while and has a dry, roasted nut character. The charred oak flavors hang around for a good while as well.
This Bourbon was named for Henry McKenna, the Irish immigrant who adapted his family's whiskey recipe to work the grains he found in Kentucky. Henry McKenna is a 4 year old, 80 proof product.