Johnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Johnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon Whiskey

101 Proof
Willett Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
A nice oily mouthfeel and some interesting flavors of almond meal, apple dumplings, cinnamon, cardamom and fresh oak wood swirl around.It'spleasing and I can still detect rye notes here and there.It'salmost like a young, high-rye MGP bourbon mashbill.
A lovely scented nose of vanilla custard, red berries, caramel drizzled French toast, ripe apples, melted white chocolate.Despite the big wave of sweets, the nose is very botanical overall, making me think it has a high rye content.
Sweet mint, pine, baked apples, cinnamon and tobacco leaf all leave a pleasant after taste that is never bitter.
According to the bottle's label, Johnny Drum served as a Drumer boy in the year 1861 during the Confederate (Civil) War.At the end of the war, legend   Read More has it Johnny returned home to his native Kentucky, where he staked claim among a beautiful spring.Johnny learned the importance of finding a way to convert his excess corn crop into a profitable item, rather than allowing it to go to waste.As the story goes, it wasn't long before Johnny's determination produced an exceptional bourbon Whiskey.   Read Less