Liquid Riot Old Port Bourbon - SIPN BOURBON

Liquid Riot Old Port Bourbon

90 Proof
Liquid Riot Bottling Co
750 ML (Standard)
The flavor leans into the spicy side, however, with cinnamon and ginger in the main.A note of toasty wood imprints a dry character to it as well, but not in the tanni or overtly oaky way.The sweetness has faded down to a glazing of non-descript sugar
The nose is sweet with red fruits and molasses, with a note of hot cinnamon to spice it up.
The finish runs light, short and dry.
Produced in the USA, containing at least 51% corn, aged new charred American White Oak barrels.Originally created in the heart of Old Bourbon County,   Read More Kentucky and shipped down river to be sold on Bourbon Street in Ne orleans where it outsold the more expensive French cognacs of the time.It has become America's Whiskey, the country's native spirit.Our version is crafted using Maine grown corn, rye and buckwheat   Read Less