Litchfield Distillery Cinnamon Bourbon - SIPN

Litchfield Distillery Cinnamon Bourbon

86 Proof
Litchfield Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Very smooth, real cinnamon taste.More like dried cinnamon than artificial, sweet flavored cinnamon.Caramel and vanilla undertones.
Hot cinnamon tea, reminiscent of red-hots candies; bread dough and apple cider.
Somewhat long finish with long legs and dry cinnamon finish.
We infuse our Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Indonesian Cinnamon sticks to create a smooth spirit that is the perfect balance of bourbon sweet and cinnamon spicy. Unlike other cinnamon spirits on the market, ours is well-balanced with a savory, natural taste. It?s a great expression if you want to add a little spice to craft cocktails, or to spike apple cider and eggnog.