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Peerless Double Oak Bourbon

107.4 Proof
Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company
750 ML (Standard)
Baking spice jumps out immediately, followed by rich leather, tobacco, gingerbread, cocoa, and heavy burnt oak.The flavors hit with a strong dose of intensity, so much so that it drinks closer to 120 proof than 107 proof.The rich, heaviness of the oak and leather flavors cannot be understated here, resulting in being the highlight of the sip, for bette or worse.Intense and satisfying, but borderline overdone at the same time.
Sharp seasoned oak plunges into a pool of dark chocolate and light caramel.The initial aromas are met with a wave of heat, hinting towards the potency of the sip.It makes for an engaging oak-focused introduction that suggests it won't be for the faint of heart.
Spice from the palate persists into the finish, admitting notes of toasted oak and toffee as it progresses.Lingering leather and spice makes for a long, dry finish that lasts and lasts.If you're seeking an intense, oak-heavy pour with a long finish, you've come to the right place.
Kentucky Peerless Double Oak Bourbon is a twice aged bourbon that was inspired by an accident necessitating Kentucky Peerless to transfer the bourbon in a leaky barrel to another barrel i order to salvage it.Once only released as single barrels because of this phenomenon, the process inspired Kentucky Peerless to make an ongoing product as a result.Double Oak is distilled and aged by Kentucky Peerless from a sweet mash, made in small batches, and bottled at barrel proof without chill filtration.As a result, the proof will vary by batch.