Penderyn Myth Redwine & Bourbon Finish - SIPN BOURBON

Penderyn Myth Redwine & Bourbon Finish

Penderyn Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
This follows the nose nicely more honey, more citrus, and a more pronounced wineyness.The raisin-y quality is back, as are dried cherries, caramelized sugar, and deeper tropical fruit notes.Sticky vanilla bean, malt syrup, almond toffee, and hints of fruitcake follow.The oak is sharp, with spice notes of hot cinnamon and candied ginger.
Fresh and bright, with fruit and new make notes.There is pale, floral honey, poached pear, and juic orange upfront, but behind that lurks a subtle, complex mix of fruit sticky raisins, dried red fruits, and a hint of passionfruit.
Some winey fruit notes hang on, along with the youthful grippy oak, candied ginger, and allspice.