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Resilient Bottled in Bond Bourbon

100 proof
Resilient Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
fruit dominates with spice underneath, making for a perfectly balanced bourbon.
Buttery toffee bar with poached pear and vanilla syrup, caramel wafer, candied cinnamon, and clove.
balanced and layered with sweet and spice slowly drifting away.
Resilient straight bourbon whisky barrels are hand picked single barrels of quality.We are looking for barrels that are well balanced with grain and wood.Barrels that really shine and bring some great flavors to the nose and palate.We enjoy finding these barrels, bottling them up and bringing them forward to our friends and community of whisky enthusiasts.The label contains all the information one would want: 53 Gallon newly charred American oak barrels, where it's bottled, barrel #, bottle #, filled on date, bottled on date, proof and mash bill.