St.Gerge Breaking & Entering Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

St.Gerge Breaking & Entering Bourbon Whiskey

86 Proof
St.George Spirits Alameda California
750 ML (Standard)
Pecan, chocolate, spicy rye warmth, honeyed cereals and a few hints of cherry pie.
Coffee beans, peanut brittle, a very soft hint of oaky char, maple syrup and fried dough.
Strawberry jam on toast, hickory and caramel Finsh.
Breaking & Entering American Whiskey is our second release under the Breaking & Entering label.Whereas our gone-but-not-forgotten B&E Bourbon was a bo   Read More urbon blend, B&E American Whiskey brings together bourbon and rye that head distiller/blender Dave Smith sourced and then blended with some of our own California malt Whiskey.The blend brings together four grains-rye, corn, barley, wheat-with no one grain being dominant.
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