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Traverse City Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey

120 Proof
Traverse City Whiskey Co.
750 ML (Standard)
The flavors are complex with sweet caramel at first, yielding to notes of dark chocolate, pepper, and toffee.
The aromas are powerful with notes of pecan pie an orange zest.
The finish is long with notes of warm roasted nuts.
Traverse City whiskey Barrel Proof Bourbon is adored for its caramel, sweet, honey and pecan flavor notes. This unique spirit is the result of a recipe passed down through three generations of family. On a mission to produce the smoothest spirit possible, this is a great bourbon to try! This Bourbon is carefully distilled at Traverse City Whiskey Co.distillery, United States. Based on 31 votes, the average rating for Traverse City Barrel Proof Bourbon is 7./10. Visit sipnbourbon website for exciting drinks that you want to try.