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Bourbon Drinks to Keep Handy at Brunch

When you think of brunch cocktails, you probably imagine a fresh pitcher of mimosas or a tall, fancy-looking Bloody Mary. It’s pretty common for most brunches to be dominated by drinks like vodka, champagne, and other clear liquors dominate the cocktail menu.

But when you really think about it and dig a little deeper: there are a lot of ways to make light refreshing cocktails and pair your breakfast treats with a good glass of bourbon, and Sipn will help you understand what you can try.

Shake things up and impress your cocktail-loving friends as you explore our twists on old favorite brunch recipes from mimosas to cinnamon rolls and much more with Sipn.

The Bloody Widow

Bourbon Meets the Bloody Mary in this classic cocktail. You don’t have to be a brunch aficionado to have a preference between Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Get your favorite bourbon and add a slice of bacon and potato straws to make the Bloody Widow, a hearty brunch cocktail sure to make bourbon a staple of your Sunday morning drink menu.

Cold Brew and Bourbon Cocktail

Take your coffee up a notch, by pairing your favorite cold brew coffee and bourbon. With a dash of maple syrup and nutmeg, this drink works wonders for a morning pick-me-up or a nightcap after a scrumptious meal. Trust us, whether you are serving up a glass for yourself or making a pitcher for friends, the Cold Brew and Bourbon Cocktail will be one of your go-to drinks year-round.

Whiskey Chai Tea

If you prefer chai to coffee, you need to try this delicious cocktail with a variety of spices to complement various bourbons. Be sure to use fresh spices to bring out the flavors in your tea, and slow down as you make it to enjoy the full experience of rest and relaxation.


Splash Some Bourbon in Your Mimosa, and sip on the delicious mixture of bourbon, bitters, orange liqueur, and sparkling wine. Classy, smooth, and a true brunch companion, this drink will have you wondering why you ever settled for something less with your favorite meal of the week.

So don’t be afraid, and give it a go! Try Bourbon for your next brunch outing, and rest assured that Sipn will help you get acquainted with the drink. Our intuitively designed app will help you explore more of the drink than you imagined! We can’t wait for you to Get Sipn with us!

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