11 Wells Prototype Series Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

11 Wells Prototype Series Bourbon Whiskey

94 Proof
The 11Wells Spirits Company Llc
750 ML (Standard)
It'sreally light and has flavor going on for sure.It'sgot some hard caramel candies, butter and toast, baking spices and touches of tannic oak.It'skinda hot on the tongue.
Sweet and light here.Its Honey nut cheerios, vanilla and a little butter.Touches of brown sugar and floral oak.
Honey and toast here with caramel and vanilla that quickly fade to a baking spice note and touches of wood.Medium Finish.
This Wheat Whiskey is part of 11 Wells' Prototype Series.Details ranging from yeast type, mash bill, and barrel proof are included in a serial number   Read More style detail on each bottle.Using only Minnesota grains (90% spring wheat and 10% barley) as well as 5-gallon sized barrels from Minnesota, the Whiskey was matured for 4 months before bottling.This Whiskey went into the barrel at 114 proof, and it is bottled at a gentle 84 proof.The sample reviewed was from Batch 001.It is sold in 375ml sized bottles.   Read Less