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1792 Sweet Wheat Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

91.2 Proof
Barton 1792 Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
A well balanced blend of sweet and dry notes that airs on the simple side.The usual bourbon flavors are present with vanilla and caramel being most prevalent.Fainter hints of dried fruit, pine, and walnuts are also noticeable, but have a hard time fully emerging.The bourbon'ssoft and creamy mouthfeel is easily its most interesting trait, which helps make this one of the easiest drinkers that I've had in some time.While enjoyable, the palate is not immediately memorable.
A very nice blend of young and old wood notes, with lighter punches of black cherry, vanilla orange, and a slight hint of spice.
The creamy mouthfeel thins on the finish and leaves a mildly dry aftertaste.The sweet caramel notes fade giving way to a leathery, oaky, relatively short finish.It is an average finish at best that lacks much character.
Crafted with sweet and delicate wheat instead of the more traditional rye, this bourbon is quite distinctive from most.The soft wheat delivers a subtl   Read More e and smooth taste with gentle layers of flavor.Each sip expresses a harmony of sweetness and dryness   Read Less