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Johnny Drum Bourbon 101 Proof

750 ML (Standard)
Johnny Drum Bourbon - Johnny Drum is an obscure label that gets lost easily on any liquor store shelf.  I passed by it numerous times until one day I picked up a bottle of it because I saw nothing else that interested me that day.  In its heyday, a bottle of Johnny Drum carried a 15-year-old age statement and by all accounts, still kinda sat on the shelves. But these days, Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (i.e. Willett) has dropped the age statement and has reportedly started to use its own distillate to fill this bottle.  I think the main issue with why this bottle doesn’t move too much is that it is priced and proofed at that magical price point, somewhere between $30 and $40, that it’s going to get passed over in favor of cheaper options at that same proof (Wild Turkey 101) or more expensive bottles that carry an age statement and a pedigree (Henry McKenna BiB).