Buy WILLETT FAMILY ESTATE 8YR Online | Sipn Bourbon


134 Proof
Willett Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
The tip of the tongue seems to skip a little sweetness that I was expecting , and the middle of the tongue gets a pronounced alcohol burn. There are strong flavors of coffee, caramel, oak, and mint on the back of the tongue that develop throughout. It is a stout bourbon, very alcohol-forward on the tongue.
There is a strong spiciness right off the bat, with hints of pepper, caramel, rye, alcohol, and corn. There is a slight hint of mint on the nose as well.
Very long, with the alcohol burn remaining prominent, but allowing other flavors to develop the longer it lingers. Pepper remains a distinct flavor to the end.
Enjoyed neat, this is an earthy rye with some attractive spice elements; the rye grain really shines on this 8-year-old expression.Adding a little water really brings out the mint, with classic caramel and maple syrup notes emerging.