Wildrye Distilling Bourbon Five Drops - SIPN

Wildrye Distilling Bourbon Five Drops

90 Proof
750 ML (Standard)
Wood-Forward, Oaky & Sweeter Flavors Of Corn.
Woodshed, chocolatey notes, and a hint of briny ocean spray.
Butterscotch, Caramel, Light Spice and Oak Finish.
What would be a reasonable goal for most other food/drink industries becomes complicated by the fact Montana is not a historically a hub for Whiskey production.This has changed a bit in recent years, as craft distilleries have popped up around the state.Be that as it may, many Whiskey drinkers are used to drinking Whiskeys with ingredients (barley corn and rye) sourced from Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Midwest.This presents a unique challenge for the distillery.Their Wildrye Distilling Five Drops Bourbon is a case study in the possibility of making a truly locally sourced Montana Whiskey that also tastes great.