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Backbone Old Bones Bourbon Whiskey 10 Years

110 Proof
Backbone Bourbon
750 ML (Standard)
The first sip was pleasant with a thick viscosity a light smoky flavor.The second sip was bright and coated the entire mouth.Flavors of cherry, vanilla, smoke, and char were present.There was also a tingling on the top and sides of the tongue with the flavors concentrating in the top back-palate.The third sip was similar to the tasting notes above with one exception, a mineral/medicinal flavor.
The nose is fairly complex with hints of caramel, vanilla, coffee, toffee, and light smoke.
The finish was long and pleasant from the heat and spice from the high rye mash bill.The unique combination of caramel and spice was enjoyable and lingered for some time.
This limited release, high-rye bourbon from Backbone Bourbon Company was distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana (MGP-sourced) from a mash bill of 55% corn   Read More , 40% rye, and 5% barley.Old Bones Bourbon 10 Year Reserve was bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky at a high proof of 55% ABV, after aging a decade in new, charred American oak barrels.
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