Baker's single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 7 Year - SIPN BOURBON

Baker's single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 7 Year

107 Proof
750 ML (Standard)
A plethora of flavors opens up the palate, starting with slightly burnt caramel and spiced vanilla, which mix with green peppercorn and rye spice.Exploring more reveals a trace of sweet syrup which adds a hint of sweetness.While the nose may hide the proof, the boldness of the sip is revealed here and helps to pull forward and exemplify all of the flavors.
This bourbon instantly identifies as a Beam product, as a nutty aroma jumps out, which is really potent and initially blocks out other scents.Giving a deep inhale however, brings out baking spices along with hints of caramel and vanilla..
The nuttiness found in the nose develops again on the finish and is joined with oak and vanilla.The vanilla quickly dissipates leaving a warming dry oak and nut flavor that dance around each other.Overall, the medium length finish is a nice way to end the sip.
Baker Beam, nephew of Jim Beam, is the namesake for this installment of the Small Batch Collection.Baker's is the second youngest, but next to highest   Read More proof in the collection and utilizes a yeast strain that has been in the family for more than 60 years.Note: As of October 2019, Beam announced that this Small Batch Bourbon would now be sold as a single barrel offering.The bourbon will still be aged for at least 7 years and be bottled at 107 proof.
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