Texas Blue Corn Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN

Texas Blue Corn Straight Bourbon Whiskey

130 Proof
Balcones Distilling
750 ML (Standard)
Full mouthfeel with sweet tea, burnt marshmallow, cinnamon candies and marmalade
Glazed cornbread, buttered waffles, spearmint, Turkish tobacco, savory herbs and white pepper
Long finish with oak and pepper notes, followed by cardamom and roasted sweet corn
We have always labored to create whiskies that reflect the character of Texas and are uniquely ours. Our Blue Corn Bourbon is no exception. Born from a mash of our cherished corn, this whisky is forged in new oak barrels for a bold and complex character that is both an independent and uncompromising spirit. This is a big full bodied whisky, with a rich midpalate, coating mouthfeel and long finish. Enjoy this whisky neat or with a few drops of spring water, but always with friends.