Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion Series No #5 - SIPN

Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion Series No #5

94.9 Proof
Bardstown Bourbon Company
750 ML (Standard)
Balanced but intense heat presents first as this bourbon hits the tongue.A gentle medicinal note comes forward but is quickly replaced by a note of melted butter.There are some less refined wood notes-like sawdust with a hint of pine.Bright citrus notes and brown sugar take over as the brightness amps up with a bit of spice from white pepper.
Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion Series No #5 - Fusion Series #5.Fusion #5 is a blend of 3-year-old Bardstown Bourbon Co-distilled Whiskey (14%), 4-year-old BBC Whiskey (56%) and 11-year-old Kentucky bourbon (30%) from an unnamed source, although the mashbill would suggest it's probably Beam. Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #5 is a blend of three different bourbons: two different Bardstown bourbons of different mash bills (56% 4 year old and 14% 3 year old), with the final 30% comprised of sourced 11-year-old Kentucky Bourbon from an undisclosed source. So, are the collaborative undertones inherent with the Fusion series on target? Or is the desire to be so inclusive with their blending compromising their own flavor profiles? Let’s find out.