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Barrel Bomb Small Batch Bourbon

Barrel Bomb
750 ML (Standard)
Palate: The palate is light and hot.I get a beer-like malt and a bit of white pepper up front.There's a touch of chocolate and caramel sweetness in there., and a hit of tannin on the mid palate as well.That's followed by a light long finish that has a hint of sweetness and a very mild burn.The addition of water makes the sweetness in this come forward even more, but it stays just as light.I get more malt, caramel, and vanilla with a little less of the pepper note.
Nose: I find the nose interesting with a lot going on.I get hints of chocolate, red fruit, and baking spice all backed up with a twinge of ethanol.It almost reminds me of a stou or a porter.
The finish becomes just a hint of vanilla lingering at the back of the mouth.
An 18 month old bourbon sourced from both MGP (in Indiana) and Cooperstown Distillery's own bourbon production.All of this bourbon Whiskey is put through a proprietary accelerated aging process which employs the use of high grade oak staves immersed in the barrels.It is then then carefully blended with various small batches to create a very pleasant and easy drinking bourbon, distinguishable by its sweet caramel and butterscotch notes on the finish.This is an entry level bourbon at a great price point!