Barrell Bourbon Batch 005 Cask Strength - SIPN BOURBON

Barrell Bourbon Batch 005 Cask Strength

124.7 Proof
Barrell Craft Spirits
750 ML (Standard)
Palate: Savory notes of ripe summer peaches yield to treacle across the back of the teeth.Each measured sip reveals sultry flavors of freshly pulled pralines, cherries, and breakfast meats.The 124.7 Proof 'tingle' across the tongue and roof of the mouth is assertive and memorable yet not overpowering.
Nose: Grilled figs and vanilla syrup summon forth subtler notes of caraway seed, dried pear, and pencil lead.Finishes with the lingering air of a smoldering oak bonfire mixing with the morning dew.
Finish: Rare, spicy La Perique pipe tobacco preludes a multi-minute ending of bruleed corn pudding dusted with fleur de sel and sweet maple syrup.
Barrell Bourbon Batch 005 is a straight bourbon sourced from Tennessee.Its mash bill is comprised of 70% corn, 26% rye, and 4% malted barley.After agi   Read More ng 8 years and 3 months in charred American oak, this cask strength Whiskey is bottled at 124.proof.   Read Less