Barrell Bourbon Batch 020 - SIPN BOURBON

Barrell Bourbon Batch 020

106.7 Proof
Blend Of Straight Bourbons
750 ML (Standard)
A very sweet palate that starts off with toasted brown sugar and cinnamon raisin bread along with roasted pears.There'sa decent amount of oak, pipe tobacco and clove to show off some of its age, which I'm all for! And to add some extra complexity, I detect some cherry licorice.There'sEarl Gray tea, but since it'sa bit lighter in the flavor of the rest and has a tendency to blend into the background, it is kind of faint.
The aroma starts off with baked goods like cinnamon apple strudel and cherry pie filling.The soft floral notes waft around and are difficult to detect at first, there is also some essences of butterscotch pudding packs which creates a really nice contrast of sweetnesses.The oak on this one stays in the background, but is generally sweet and does not have much bite.
Sweet fruity notes stick around like fig jam and a handful of black cherries.There is some decent rye spice that are peppery slightly herbal.Dark chocolate really helps tie any flavor notes together and it works very well here.
Barrell Bourbon Batch 020 came on the heels of the awards that Batch 018 and Batch 019 racked up at the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2019.Cont   Read More inuing to use older aged stocks of bourbon, they blended together 10 to 14 year old barrels from Kentucky and Tennessee to try and find yet another new and interesting profile to focus on.This batch happened to be a profile of floral notes and leaned towards a less intensive sweetness to let other notes shine through.

As with any Barrell Batch, I highly encourage you to make it the first drink you have during your session.I find that drinking other Whiskey before it can really change the way the flavors were meant to be tasted when the guys at Barrell blended everything together.I don't know why this is yet, but give it a try for yourself.Without further ado, let's get down to tasting just what Barrell was able to cook up with this batch.I sampled this neat and in a glencairn.   Read Less