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Barrell Craft Spirits 25 Year Old Whiskey

111.2 Proof
Barell Craft Spirits
750 ML (Standard)
Halva, molasses and chocolate syrup make for a sweet entry, but they're quickly balanced by tart fruit: kiwi, dragon fruit, and meyer lemon.A subtle array of herbs and spices lend the palate depth, evolving cinnamon, juniper, and anise hyssop.
Opens on medjool dates, honeydew melon, butterscotch and light molasses.The nose then expands in many directions at once, evolving additional fruit in the form of Montmorency cherry and dried apricot floral aromas of apple blossom and fennel pollen mineral notes of gravel, sea shells, and salt and some notes that only come from a long, slow maturation, such as palo cortado sherry, mastic, and unlit cigar.
Flavors of rosemary and nutmeg recall the spicy and herbaceous notes from before, while a salty touch seems to magnify flavors and make the mouth water for another sip.
At 25 years old, Barrell Craft Spirits Whiskey offers the depth of highly matured Whiskey complemented by a Sercial Madeira barrel finish.The underlyi   Read More ng dry nuttiness of Sercial Madeira adds a new dimension to the Whiskey that is exceptional.   Read Less