Basil Hayden's Toast Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Basil Hayden's Toast Bourbon Whiskey

80 Proof
Basil Hayden
750 ML (Standard)
Fine notes of toffee, butterscotch, sweet bread, and a touch of almond create a likeable first sip.Like the nose, the flavors work well together, creating a flavor profile that is cohesive.It'san even-keeled flavor profile that doesn't try to challenge you, and instead is a relaxed sip with adequate flavor.
Light brown sugar, caramel toffee, buttered toast, a touch of cinnamon, and light smoke all pair excellently and form a coherent aroma.Light but never fleeting, the nose is enjoyable.
The finish works well introducing spice and a touch of dryness.
Basil Hayden Toast is a uniquely crafted 80 proof Whiskey consisting of an entirely new mash bill, replacing the traditional rye grain with brown rice   Read More , which adds a hint of sweetness and a touch less spice with increased depth of flavor that comes from secondary aging in a toasted then flash-charred oak barrel.Rather than charring the barrel with open flame, the toasting process exposes the barrel to a long and gentle heat at a level proprietary to Basil Hayden.The softer notes from the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey receive the flavors from the toasted barrels, which is then blended back with non-Toasted bourbon to add complex flavor grounded in sweet vanilla, complemented by rich roasted notes.Perfect sipped and savored nea or on the rocks with close company.   Read Less