Beards Town Bourbon - SIPN BOURBON

Beards Town Bourbon

90 Proof
Bardstown Bourbon Company
750 ML (Standard)
This is extremely rich and very balanced in flavour.
Delightful aroma.
Lingering finish.
Bardstown ? also known as Beards Town in its early years ? was first settled in 1780, making it the second oldest city in the state of Kentucky. The c   Read More ity was named after David Bard, who secured the grant for the land that the city would be built on, and his brother William Bard, who surveyed and mapped out the town. Bardstown quickly became one of the most prominent cities in early Kentucky, and by 1790 was the third largest city in the state. Much of Bardstown?s growth and continues notability throughout the years can be attributed to its thriving whiskey industry. Known as the Bourbon Capital of the World, bourbon production in Bardstown dates back to 1879. To this day, the city remains one of the largest exporters of bourbon in the world. Crafted in rich tradition by expert distillers, Beards Town proudly pays homage to the early days of one of Kentucky?s greatest cities.   Read Less