Belle Meade Bourbon Madeira Cask Finish - SIPN BOURBON

Belle Meade Bourbon Madeira Cask Finish

90.4 Proof
Nelson's Green Brier Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Winey sweetness, citrus oil, oak, toffee, nuts, cocoa and some cinnamon and leather.
Oak, cherry heavy dark fruit, toffee, winey sweetness, strawberry candy and a light bit of cocoa and spice.
Fruit, toffee, nuts, oak and spice finish.
Belle Meade Bourbon Madeira Cask Finish(trademark) is the third release in our award-winning Special Cask Finish Series.Like its predecessors, careful   Read More crafting and patience result in a product that showcases both a taste of America's Native Spirit and the Old World wine-making methods used in Madeira production.To finish this offering we select casks which were used in the production of Malmsey Madeira.Malmsey is the richest and sweetest tasting of the Madeira styles and is renowned for the depth and complexity of its honeyed flavors.This is a resultof the wine being 'cooked,' fortified, and aged in the time honored traditions of wine making on the island of Madeira.We fill these casks with a proprietary blend of well-aged Bourbons.The robust flavors from the casks pair well with the spicy high rye content of the Bourbon and create a striking profile unlike any other Whiskey in the world.   Read Less