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Belle Meade Reserve Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey

108.3 Proof
Nelson's Green Brier Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Warm spice greets you on first sip followed by apricot, more sweet cornbread, chocolate milk, a dash of sea salt, baking spices, and plum.
The aroma comes alive quickly with notes of fresh cornbread, warm oak, and cocoa.
The finish is long with a blooming rye-spice warmth.
Belle Meade Reserve is a bold, high-rye-content bourbon ideal for those who appreciate the finer points of the distiller's art, but equally accessible   Read More to anyone who enjoys the taste of Whiskey straight from the barrel.Its strong, supple flavor distinguishes every glass-whether you serve it neat, on the rocks or with a splash of water.And where other bourbons might recede when combined with mixers, Belle Meade Reserve's high bottling proof and mouthwatering flavor ensure that it will enliven any cocktail.   Read Less