Ben Milam Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Ben Milam Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

80 Proof
Ben Milam
750 ML (Standard)
A movie theater size box of Cinnamon Red Hots, baking spices, clove, lightly musty hay, vanilla, muscovado sugar, light oak tannins.Sweet dark fruits akin to prune juice with a splash of water added.Lightly sweet with little grain character.
Freshly cut dry grass, vinous red grape juice, cinnamon, vanilla, light ethanol heat.
Lightweight and low viscosity on the palate with a hint of rye like spiciness.Clean and rapid finish without much tannic bitternes or drying.
Ben Milam Single Barrel Bourbon is for the truly discerning Whiskey drinker.Single Barrel Bourbon presents bourbon at its purest.No mixing to create a   Read More uniform tast or mask imperfections.The bourbon from each barrel is good enough to stand alone.   Read Less