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Big Bottom Small Batch Barlow Trail American Blended

91 Proof
Big Bottom's
750 ML (Standard)
On the palate, the sweetness is both deeper in character, with notes of dark sugar and burnt caramel.
A nose of woodsy caramel and trace milk chocolate precedes a wave of pronounced vanilla backed by a whisper of spice.
The finish is sharp and a bit astringent.
Big Bottom's Barlow Trail marque is a proprietary blend of three soucred American Whiskeys.Bottled at 91 proof in honor of distiller Ted Pappas' fello   Read More w classmates from the class of 1991 at the Citadel, Barlow Trail is a no age statement Whiskey.Big Bottom founder Ted Pappas currently serves as president of th oregon Distillers Guild, and named the company after protected forest land aroun oregon's Mount Hood.In its local community, Big Bottom focuses its efforts on working to protec oregon wildlife as well as supporting conservation efforts.   Read Less