Black Button Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN

Black Button Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey

84 Proof
Black button distillery
New York
750 ML (Standard)
The barrel is the strongest influence up front, with warm pencil shavings and toasting grains. Ezekiel bread, dry red wine, and grain - lots of grain. Each has its turn here. Mouthfeel is slightly dry, surprisingly filling, with bready wheat and barley. Corn sweetness comes out on the end.
Definitely grainy, but I don?t mind it here. It smells closer to a fresh, clean distillate than a raw grain. Warm and toasted, the smell of fresh wood in a cooperage. Campfire embers dying.
Quite long, all the grains taking another turn as the oak turns more toasted.
Very smooth and tasty! great orange flavor. Black Button Four Grain Bourbon which is carefully distilled at Black Button is adored for its orange zest, melon, smoky and malted barley flavor notes.