Blood Oath Pact VIII Bourbon - SIPN BOURBON

Blood Oath Pact VIII Bourbon

98.6 Proof
Blood oath Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Blood Oath greeted me with a cool, buttery texture. I?ve had Calvados before, and everything I?ve ever tasted was in the mix. The front featured dry pear, bittersweet apple, and green apple. Vanilla and a massive punch of very dark chocolate formed the middle. The back was a spice bomb with dry oak, clove, and cinnamon Red Hots.
Apple and pear presented as promised. Milk chocolate, like a Hershey bar, came next. Nutmeg, vanilla, and toasted oak followed. As I drew the air into my mouth, cinnamon apple rolled across my tongue.
Dry, French oak, cinnamon apple, and likely the most prominent clove note I?ve had made for a long-lasting, warm finish. Blood Oath Pact 8 doesn?t drink hotter than its stated proof, but the spice could trick you into believing otherwise. When I thought all was said and done, the bittersweet apple came for an encore.
There's a richness to the palate that moves from a well-aged bourbon profile of oak and dark vanilla straight into a brighter note of pear tart, apple   Read More cinnamon, and buttery pie crust.   Read Less