Bluebird 4 Grain Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Bluebird 4 Grain Bourbon Whiskey

Craft distilleries tend to be a bit of a controversial point in the Whiskey world's ome 'craft' brands are little more than non-distilling producers   Read More who source their Whiskey from large distillers, while other traditional start up distilleries end up selling young Whiskey at a premium price.So, for the Whiskey lover that loves local businesses, can you find good spirits from these local craft brands? It really depends on what you like and what your expectations are.True, you may not like the white Whiske or the unaged rum they are selling, but if you look hard enough, you will definitely be able to find some solid drams.
That brings us to Bluebird Distilling, a local-to-this-writer business in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.Bluebird opened in the summer of 2015 after years of research into the beer and spirits industries.For the owner, th original goal was to open a craft brewery, but a change in the local distilling laws altered the course.   Read Less